First President

Shigeto NAGANO

First Executive Director

Takanori NAKAJO

Second President



Yoshiyuki KASAI

Current Vice-president


Current President
The Japan Forum for Strategic Studies (JFSS) was established to deal with two profound philosophical issues: the need to understand what kind of a country Japan is, and,‐the corollary‐determining how Japan should face the future.

It was perceived that there was a need for a Japanese institution that would conduct comprehensive research and analysis into politics, economics, military affairs and scientific technology‐their junctions, their interrelations, and their dependencies. The Forum was conceived as a centre of excellence to fulfill this need.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of an integrated national strategy for a safe and prosperous Japan in the early decades of the 21st Century. We will be proposing revisions to both the present constitution as well as to various pieces of legislation that derive from it. In addition, we will contribute to the formation of both domestic and international policy.

At the time of its founding, the Forum received valued and much appreciated support from many leading figures in our fields of interest.  We continue to seek the wise counsel of all who are concerned with the place of Japan in the modern world.

March 1, 1999
Name General Incorporated Association
Executive Director Taro YAYAMA (Current Deputy President and Director, Political Columnist)
Vice-president Yoshiyuki KASAI (Honorary President of JR Tokai)
Objective JFSS aims to contribute to ensuring national interests and the establishment of its position as a leadership in the international society through policy studies and recommendations. Therefore, JFSS researches and studies national strategy from broad and comprehensive perspectives such as politics, economy, military, science and technology.
Activities ・   Researches and studies and recommendations for national strategy
・   Holding lectures, symposia and study groups
・   Collaborative research and interaction with domestic and foreign research institutions
・   Issue of newsletter and publication of results of researches, studies and activities
・   Other business necessary for achieving the purpose