Examining Heisei Japan: Politics, Vol.ll (English Edition)

  著 者:屋山 太郎 (第3章を執筆)
  定 価:本体3800円(税別)
 Beginning as the Cold War entered its final thaw and ending shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Heisei era saw thirty years of considerable social upheaval and significant shifts in the political landscape. Cabinet after cabinet faced significant challenges in steering Japan through domestic issues, from scandal, internal conflict, and large-scale governmental reorganization to natural disaster and a financial sector in crisis, and in addressing pressing questions over Japan’s vital relationship with the US and with Asia at large. What can be learned from the political upheaval of Japan’s Heisei era? And how did these years come to define the present political environment? The second in the Examining Heisei Japan series, this volume assembles a wealth of contemporary insights and scholarly articles by respected Japanese academics and political scientists, revisiting key events to shed new light on these pivotal three decades in Japanese politics.
屋山 太郎(ややま たろう)
 著書に『私の喧嘩作法』、『官僚亡国論』(新潮社)、『なぜ中韓になめられるのか』(扶桑社)、『JAL再生の嘘』、『日本人としてこれだけは学んでおきたい政治の授業』、『それでも日本を救うのは安倍政権しかない』(PHP研究所)、『立ち直れるか日本の政治』、『安倍晋三 興国論』、『安倍外交で日本は強くなる』(海竜社)など多数。